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Are you looking for guidance and expertise to level up your baking business? If you want to be taken more seriously as a proper business owner, you need to be working on more than just perfecting your recipes and those sharp edges.

If you’re new to my world, come and say “hi” in the Honey Bee Cake Hive Facebook Group. It’s free to join and you can get to know me and how I work.

If you’re already ready to jump right in, take a look at my ‘services and programmes’ where you can find out more about my signature live course: Wedding Cakes – The Business Tier, the fab online membership: The Honey Bee Cake Hive and One to One Business Coaching.

Or if you’re after templates and how-to guides, the Resources and Tutorials will have you covered.

Services & Programmes

There are a number of ways to work with me, whether on a one to one basis or as part of a group programme. Scroll on to find out more.

Don’t forget I also have a number of free and low cost resources available here

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Wedding Cakes - the business tier

My signature self study programme, helping you move from celebration cakes to weddings. Doors open now!

The Honey Bee Cake Academy

A monthly online membership for ambitious cake business owners, with monthly trainings from me and guest experts, hotseat style coaching sessions and much more. 

One-to-One Coaching with Lauren

Work with me on a one to one basis. Contact me to get your name down, or just to ask for more info, on a no obligation basis.


Crishi White

I 100% rate Lauren’s Wedding Cake Course and would recommend it to anyone thinking about getting into the Wedding Cake Industry – whether you’re at the initial “thinking about it” stage, or if you’ve started making steps into it already. I feel like Lauren’s thought of everything!

Having completed Lauren’s most recent course, I have become so much more confident in approaching wedding enquiries and have had four enquiries soon after just completing the course.

The course itself takes place weekly over zoom and is broken down into easy-to-manage chunks, although it still covers a lot. Invaluable forms and prompts are also shared with you to take away and personalise for your own use, and Lauren is very generous with her time to ensure you have everything you need, and answer any questions that may not have been covered. She really does go above and beyond, which was really appreciated. Guest speakers feature, which is helpful, and I have ended the course feeling fully equipped with moving forward in this industry, and also having made some wonderful and genuine connections with other cake designers too.

You’ll have access to a private Facebook group, and support that long transcends the end of the course. I have learned such a great deal and wish I could do it all again as I enjoyed it so much. Tuesday evenings don’t feel the same..! If you’re on the fence about doing the course, I’d wholeheartedly recommend going for it; you won’t regret it. Thank you, Lauren, and to the other amazing ladies on the course for your limitless support.

White Lotus Wedding Cakes

Wedding Cakes The Business Tier - Course Participant - October 2020

Pauline Suzanne Garretty

I cannot recommend Lauren highly enough! So many coaches out there seem to waffle on and in the end you are left feeling unsure of what you have actually gained, but that is definitely not the case with Lauren. She thoroughly answers your questions, and genuinely seems keen to help. After my call with Lauren, i felt better informed and knew what I needed to do to take my business forward. Thank you so much for your time and advice, I am really very grateful.

Tiers Of Joy - Paisley

1-1 Client

Gemma Williams

I had a one-to-one session with Lauren, and although it was only half an hour, we got so much covered and in a good amount of detail to really help me take those next steps with my business. Lauren was very friendly, but professional, and gave me some great tips for pushing my business further. Thank you Lauren! I would definitely recommend your coaching sessions!


1-1 Client

Alex Hughes

I booked onto the course because I needed some clear direction to improve my business from a proven professional who was in exactly the same industry as me.

I now have a more positive business mindset and you have reinforced how I should value my worth – you have helped me see that niching down to wedding cakes is the right decision for me from a business and creative satisfaction standpoint.

I would highly recommend your course to other cake makers looking to take their businesses to the next level and attract more wedding orders and higher budget clients.  You have shown me that it is not just one thing I should change to improve and grow my business but several areas that each deserve attention and you have set out a framework with clear actionable steps and resources to help achieve these improvements.

Alexandra's Fine Cakes

Wedding Cakes The Business Tier (Summer 2020) - Course Participant

Giulia O’Lorey

I highly recommend this course, because Lauren’s support and mentoring helped me achieve in 12 weeks things that I’d been meaning to do for over a year.

I think that having both a mentor who is kind and patient, and a group of like minded people to talk to, is a wonderful combination that will result in professional and personal growth for anyone willing to put in the time. The lessons fly by, but the worksheets offer an even more in depth look at your individual business, which will be valuable for years to come as my business changes and grows.

Cakes In Bloom

Wedding Cakes The Business Tier (Summer 2020) - Course Participant

Emily Smith

The course [Wedding Cakes The Business Tier] has been invaluable to me. After spending the 2 years since I started my business constantly questioning whether I am good enough to make a real go of it, I now feel confident that I am. I am so excited to get my rebrand sorted and implement everything I’ve learned. I feel like the course has really set me on the right path and although I’m very much still a work in progress, I feel like 2021 will be my year. I honestly couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

The Brentwood Bakesmith

Wedding Cakes The Business Tier (Summer 2020) Course Participant

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